About Us

Except it's not about us… it's about you

Our About You pledge:

We will make your job easier by designing workspaces that reinforce your brand, your values and optimize your productivity.

We won't bounce you around; you will have the same dedicated team involved in all phases of your project.

We won't design our perfect workspace; we will design your perfect workspace.
We will lead a cohesive team to get your project to the finish line on time, on budget, and on the same page.

FS Design Group's team of innovative and passionate designers has been translating the space needs of corporate office clients, multi-tenant building owners, and healthcare providers into inspiring, multifaceted environments since 1992.

Design is a business strategy - it impacts workforce attraction, performance, and retention. We promise exceptional aesthetics, optimal functionality, economic viability, and long-term performance as we create a unique solution for your workspace.

FS Design Group's close-knit team works collaboratively with each other and with you. As a boutique firm with longevity in the industry, you benefit from experience grounded in results. We closely track the latest trends, challenges, resources, and technology to provide you the most up-to-date and cutting-edge approach to design available. We love what we do, and we have fun doing it!

We look forward to adding you to our list of long-term clients. Contact FS Design Group.

Client firms and organizations tell us what they appreciate most is that we listen – that we actually 'hear them' and engage them in the process of honing a shared vision for their environment.

Building owner/manager clients know that, through our unique experience, we comprehend and support their 'big picture goals and that we skillfully integrate their needs into our design solutions.

Real estate brokers and project managers value our responsiveness and diligent contribution to making deals happen.

Contractors prefer our comprehensive approach to construction documents and recognize our attention to detail; they know that we welcome their collaboration in resolving project challenges.