California Retina Clinic specializes in the diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of eye diseases and disorders.

Our firm was hired when the clinic expanded into the adjacent space. Using existing finishes, including California Retina’s signature blue branding color, and introducing new wood and metallic materials and colors, we were able to create an environment that feels cohesive and modern.

Although going to the doctor’s office may be somewhat routine, the owners wanted to be certain there was “nothing routine” about their image. As the reception forms the first impression, our goal was to create a space that felt grand, sophisticated and professional.

The primary focal point is beautiful backlit marble on the expansive reception desk balanced with vertical grain walnut wood. We incorporated the structural columns into our design of an oversized coffered ceiling with a cluster of glass and metallic pendants in the center. Though the fixtures are very elegant, they offer a bit of branding whimsy as the various sized disks are much like the typical eye examination scope.

A similar level of attention to detail and upgraded finishes were maintained throughout the corridors and nurse station. As well as the Surgery areas.

Medical Office and Surgery Center
13,000 SF

835 Third Avenue
Chula Vista, CA