The challenge for the project team was to re-image a large, two-story,1980s single tenant R&D/Manufacturing facility into a first class multi-tenant Corporate Office/Life Science complex. We combined rich walnut wood walls and silver veincut stone slab floors with sleek metal ceilings and colored LCD lighting to achieve a balanced aesthetic through a 6,000 SF lobby that bisects the length of the building. A curving, wood and glass stair floats in the two-story portion of the lobby, offering access to the upper level and various common area amenities. A sky-lit pedestrian boulevard slices through the building longitudinally, bringing natural light to the storefront facades of the tenant space and lessening the impact of the significant bay-depths. To diminish the elongated nature, we created five respite niches along this axis that provide opportunities for collaboration and repose.


Features and amenities include

  • 3,200 SF Conference Center with a Servery and adjacent terrace
  • 6,900 SF Fitness Center with generous shower & locker rooms
  • 10,000 SF Café with canyon views from the indoor and outdoor dining areas
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – Platinum Certification


450,000 SF Office Building Re-imaging project LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – Platinum Certification

10300 Campus Point
San Diego, CA 92121

Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc.