FS Design Group & Founder Bre’an Fox Mark Firm’s 30th Year

Before there was FS Design Group there was Facility Solutions. It was Bre’an Fox’s unique vision 30 years ago to fill a critical need in San Diego’s booming commercial real estate industry.

As the industry’s demands changed, Bre’an and the firm adapted. Eventually, the firm evolved into FS Design Group: A leading design firm that focuses on effective and beautifully designed spaces and personalized customer service. Today, FS Design group provides interior design services for offices, healthcare facilities, multifamily properties and more.

FS Design Group and Bre’an, its principal designer, are celebrating three decades of creating exceptional workspaces for building owners and managers, real estate brokers, project managers and contractors.

“I love the daily variety this job brings me,” Bre’an says. “Some days I’m designing, some I’m out on the job site with a construction team and some I’m doing business development. I also dedicate time to teaching new members of my team and educating myself on the latest products in the industry. Every day is different and so worthwhile.”

FS Design Group’s and Bre’an’s legacies expand exponentially beyond the firm. Besides playing significant roles supporting and growing San Diego’s talented community of real estate professionals, the firm has left its design mark on spaces throughout the region.

How it All Began

From building elaborate forts in her living room with her siblings while growing up in Canada to earning her interior design degree, Bre’an’s passion for design emerged early. In the late 80s, after Bre’an spent nine years working in multi-tenant office and R&D property development, the economy began to change, impacting the commercial real estate market in San Diego. Instead of designing and building speculative properties, businesses looked to relocate and adapt existing real estate.

This is where Bre’an’s expertise and relationships came in. Brokers she worked with began tapping her to help their tenants with design and relocation services.

“At the time, few companies had IT departments, but they all had workstations with computers, landline telephones, fax machines… it took technical know-how and experience to design and implement an office move over a weekend,” Bre’an remembers.

As technology advanced and moved to the cloud, and businesses had their own teams to oversee their hardware, Facility Solutions evolved and remained busy with design services. About a decade ago, Bre’an changed the firm name to FS Design Group to better reflect its service.

A Pioneer and Champion in Commercial Real Estate Industry Diversity

While growing a successful firm, Bre’an also became a leader in diversifying the commercial real estate industry. When she began her career, there were very few women in the professional real estate community. She was one of the founders of the organization that eventually became CREW (which was created as an acronym for Commercial Real Estate Women) and helped it expand regionally, then nationally. Now boasting about 12,000 members, CREW offers mentorships, educational programs and networking opportunities — all of which are instrumental in helping young professionals, women and minorities advance in the field.

“It’s so rewarding to see these great benefits for newer commercial real estate professionals and to serve as a mentor,” Bre’an says.

A San Diego Legacy

In their 30 years, FS Design Group and Bre’an have designed many San Diego-areaspaces — from the iconic to the practicable and everything in between — as well as a variety of interiors across the U.S. Each project, while important to the building owners and tenants, plays a greater role in contributing to the region’s economy, job growth and industry leadership in a variety of sectors, from healthcare and life sciences to manufacturing and retail.

Bre’an and the firm provided design work in a number of Mission Valley offices as well as spaces in La Jolla, including the University Town Center and the La Jolla Village Plaza, among so many more.

“A great source of professional satisfaction comes from hearing clients say that their employees love to work in the environments we create. Having a workspace that feels good because it was designed to both look good and be user-friendly can do so much for workplace happiness, and I love that we get to contribute to that,” Bre’an adds.

While workspaces and healthcare facilities have changed over the decades, FS Design Group and Bre’an excel at adapting with the times, pivoting where it makes sense and continuing to provide space designs that are as eye pleasing as they are functional.

Congratulations FS Design Group and Bre’an on 30 years!



For FS Design Group’s 30thanniversary, we celebrate three decades of creating exceptional workspaces for #buildingowners and #buildingmanagers, #commercialrealestatebrokers, project managers and contractors in #SanDiego and beyond! We especially recognize Founder Bre’an Fox, whose legacy is unmatched in both #interiordesign and the #commercialrealestate community she helped build.

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For FS Design Group’s 30thanniversary, we celebrate three decades of creating exceptional workspaces for #buildingowners and #buildingmanagers, #commercialrealestatebrokers, project managers and contractors in #SanDiego and beyond! We especially recognize Founder @Bre’anFox, whose legacy is unmatched in both #interiordesign and the #commercialrealestate community she helped build.

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