FS Design Group Overcomes Challenges in Designing PACE Facilities for Seniors

Creating a place for seniors that feels welcoming and warm, but is also safe and promotes wellness, can be challenging. This is especially true when designing Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) facilities.

From wide walkways and durable flooring to avoiding high-contrast colors and dizzying patterns, PACE facilities carry special design requirements, FS Design Group Founder Bre’an Fox recently said in an interview with the San Diego Business Journal.

In its April 10 edition, the Business Journal reported that San Ysidro Health is building its fifth FS Design Group-designed PACE facility in National City. Serving people 55 and older, PACE facilities are growing in popularity as places where seniors can go to receive care and boost their quality of life.

“The PACE facilities are really a daytime recreational, socialization care facility with a clinic attached to it,” Bre’an said. “It’s all right there, so they get all those services provided while they’re there for the day.”

In addition to San Ysidro Health’s PACE facilities, FS Design Group is working with several PACE providers throughout California on numerous locations. Each one is unique to the provider but they all must be thoughtfully and carefully designed to protect their users.

“In the National City facility, we have a design theme of the ocean and water elements because they will have a view across to the harbor,” Bre’an said. Aqua blues, turquoise and coral colors bring beauty while touches like high-back lounge chairs and noise-dampening materials create comfort, she said.

FS Design Group is honored to create spaces that bring seniors together in a fun and nurturing environment and to be recognized as a leader and pioneer in PACE design.

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