Makeover Edition: Designing for Pure Salon Studios

Interior Design for a Growing Empire

Pure Salon Studios is on a roll, and we’re excited to be along for the ride!

Pure Salon Studios Power Team

Sandra Alavi and her business partner Vanessa, who also happens to be Sandra’s daughter, have just opened their fourth suite of salons. Their goal is to have 20 different locations.

Throughout their San Diego-area studios, Sandra and Vanessa rent out salon suites to hairdressers, massage artists, makeup artists and lash technicians. The beauty professionals pay weekly to have an individual, lockable suite that they can decorate to match their own brand. Included in their rent, Pure provides utilities, WiFi and towel service for all the tenants.

Pure Salon Studios’ Origin Story

Sandra got the idea for Pure during the pandemic. For 25 years, she had opened, built and sold traditional beauty salons. When she had to close for six months during the pandemic, one of her clients suggested dividing her space into individual suites so that people could feel more comfortable once they could return to the salon.

Sandra and Vanessa found that many of the professionals who wanted to work with them loved this idea, too. They took the plunge and haven’t looked back.

Design for Hair and Beauty Salons

At FS Design Group, we’re proud to have designed Pure Salon Studios’ recently opened Chula Vista location, which includes 31 individual suites. Pure also operates two studios in Mission Valley and one studio in downtown San Diego.

As Sandra envisioned, from the front door threshold to the back wall, the path of travel is completely flat at the Chula Vista studio. The ease of travel is complemented by lush, serene colors and clean lines. Lavender and blue paints and wallpaper are accentuated by pops of gold in hardware and edging.

“We had very good communication with FS Design Group’s professionals,” said Sandra. “They’re great. It was so good working with them.”

The relationship yielded other benefits for Pure, too.

The Power of Collaboration

“With Amy (Tobia), I had another person to help me manage construction,” Sandra said. “When I worked with someone else on a previous studio, I got less help and paid double what I needed to pay. Chula Vista is now our best location because FS Design Group thought of everything we didn’t.”

The Chula Vista Pure Salon Studios, located in the Palomar Trolley Center shopping center, opened in 10 months from design to finish.

“We’ve worked on other salons and what I admire about Sandra is how much thought she puts into the services and layout to make sure her tenants and their clients have a great experience. She really goes above and beyond, and it shows.”

We really value our relationship with Sandra and Vanessa and look forward to future collaboration as their Pure Salon Studios empire continues to grow.

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