Palomar Medical Center Escondido: Designed with Care

Chances are, when someone is visiting a medical facility, they may not be having a great day. So what if that day can feel just a bit more manageable through the thoughtful and functional design of the medical office? We strongly believe that the strategic, creative and careful arrangement and appearance of a medical office can help make a better experience for patients and their families, as well as physicians and staff.

This design philosophy is the cornerstone of our partnership with Palomar Medical Center Escondido. As part of the Medical Center’s recent expansion and ongoing upgrades, we are privileged to design the interiors of three medical office buildings on the Medical Center’s Citracado Parkway campus.

Standing three stories tall and about 80,000 square feet each, the medical office buildings house various clinical, administrative and outpatient offices, including radiation, oncology, infusion, orthopedic and pulmonary departments. The buildings also contain an urgent care, an employee clinic and the newly relocated corporate headquarters. One building is complete and in use while the other two remain under construction.

The reception desks in each office are designed with a nod to hotel lobby hospitality desks. Quartz and other stone materials on the counters, upgraded textural wall coverings and decorative pendant lights provide a warm-yet-elegant welcome. Many of the waiting rooms and common areas are designed with convenience in mind for the waiting family member or caregiver, including hospitality bars for refreshments and seating that is comfortable and includes space to work on a laptop or take a phone call.

“We are creating a ‘hospitality’ feel that is very welcoming to patients, families and caregivers,” said FS Design Group Principal and Senior Designer Bre’an Fox. “Our goal is, through design, to reduce the anxiety that often comes with doctor visits by creating a warm, soothing and pleasing environment.”

Of course, this is a medical facility, so design must, first-and-foremost, consider sanitation, accessibility and technological devices — including some that are quite large. Using durable materials that can withstand more wear-and-tear, but are also beautiful and comfortable, is key to ensuring the success and longevity of the interior’s design.

Wood plank vinyl flooring throughout the offices that incorporates splashes of eye-catching hues and patterns complement the timeless color palette being used throughout the offices. Palomar’s main branding colors of blue and orange are present throughout, but accompanied by other warm colors so that each space feels unique but interacts harmoniously and consistently with the others.

The result is a contemporary, elegant, professional and cohesive design between and throughout the medical office buildings.

In the already completed medical office, a highlight for the staff are exterior breakrooms in several suites with calming, neutral palettes, a fun backsplash tile pattern and sweeping views provided by the hilltop campus’ central location.

FS Design Group was pleased to partner with architect Raymond Fox and Associates and Align Builders in creating medical offices to serve the Escondido community for many decades to come.

Interior design for medical office buildings and various health care facilities is one of FS Design Group’s specialties. We appreciate the opportunity to make the wellness experience more positive for all parties involved.

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