Nurturing Young Talent Through Internship

Read About Our Internship Program from an Insider’s Perspective

FS Design Group has supported the development of talent in our industry through various internships and CREW San Diego’s mentorship program. We believe it’s important to nurture young talent and to provide hands-on experience that can help them launch or rise in their careers. 

The student currently working with us as an intern already has a legacy with FS Design Group. Neve Noriega is the daughter of a previous staff member who pivoted to the ownership side of office real estate after her design career.

We sat down with Neve for a little Q&A to highlight our internship program… and spotlight Neve! 

Q: Can you tell us about your schooling?

I attend Mesa College. By the end of this semester, I’ll have my associate degree in interior design. I will transfer in the fall, to San Diego State University, to earn my bachelor’s degree. 

Q: What led to your interest in interior design? 

I was influenced by my mom’s career. I was first interested in architecture, but I jumped around in majors—even considered civil engineering for a while. I entered this internship to figure out the career I want to pursue. At FS Design Group, I’ve realized how much I love interior design, especially for commercial real estate. It’s awesome to get this opportunity. 

Q: What kinds of learning experiences have you had at FS Design Group?

I started working in the office library, helping with clean up and organization. Through doing so, I became familiar with materials and finishes and met many of the associated product representatives. Now I’m contacting representatives to secure additional products we need. Often, I get to help designers choose materials and palette options for our projects. I am also getting trained in our office’s drafting software. Every day of my internship is different. 

Q: Have you had opportunities to network through your internship? 

One great aspect of meeting product representatives is they know a lot of people in this industry, too. I’ve also participated in Lunch and Learns, where vendors bring in lunch and make presentations to our staff. FS Design Group is located next door to, and frequently collaborates with, the architecture firm Raymond Fox & Associates, so I get to interact with their staff, too. I think these resources and contacts will help me with my future career in this industry. 

Q: How else do you think this internship will help your career? 

Professors at my school talk a lot about networking. They encourage me to get to know people, and I absorb any information they’re willing to give me. Through my internship, I’m learning how to put myself out there. The team at FS Design Group is helping me become well rounded. 

Q: What kind of one-on-one mentoring have you received through this internship? 

I’m getting information and advice all the time. The FS Design Group team gives me background and tidbits of information every day I’m here. They teach me about various products and what tasks are involved in each of the phases of design. This is where I learned the foundation of interior design, giving me a hands-on experience to correlate with my courses. I’ll know a lot before I even start working toward my bachelor’s degree. 

Q: How does FS Design Group benefit from having you in the office several days a week?

It seems like they have a million things to juggle, so I provide extra hands to deal with some of these tasks. I help keep the team and the office organized and efficient.

Q: What have you learned so far that surprised you? 

A lot of what I’m learning are elements of design that I never would have noticed before, but now I notice all the time. I’m still fine-tuning my eye for interior design, so I’m hyper aware of designed spaces. I realize how much of an effect interior design has even if people aren’t aware of its influence in the moment. 

Q: Is there anything else you want to share about your internship? 

It’s been a really great experience so far. I’m here to learn, and that’s definitely what I’m doing!

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