San Diego Business Journal Women of Influence Top 50 Over 50: Bre’an Fox

For her many design accomplishments and her impact on San Diego’s business, real estate and medical communities, FS Design Group Founder Bre’an Fox was named one of the San Diego Business Journal’s Women of Influence Top 50 Over 50 for 2023.

In its March 27 special edition, the newspaper noted not only the successful interior design business she established and ran for 30 years, but also her contributions to others in her profession and her successful client work projects that create beautiful, functional spaces.

Bre’an’s recent work for Palomar Health and various Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) facilities were cited by the newspaper. These projects serve some of the area’s most vulnerable residents, including the sick and elderly, while promoting wellness and healing.

“She is known for creating spaces that reflect brands, support company culture, optimize function and inspire staffs,” the Business Journal wrote of Bre’an.

While Bre’an sold FS Design Group last year to long-time employee Amy Tobia, the newspaper lauded her leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic — especially that she was able to maintain a full workforce through a difficult couple of years.

Bre’an’s dedication to San Diego CREW, which is part of a national organization that Bre’an helped establish, and to helping women succeed in the profession were also mentioned by the newspaper. Furthermore, Bre’an is part of the inaugural San Diego CREW Building Futures Foundations, launched in 2022 to develop and oversee a local scholarship program to support women in pursuit of design, construction, engineering and real estate careers.

Bre’an continues to inspire the FS Design Group team and make us proud. Congratulations to Bre’an!

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